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Snow and trees

This beautifully composed photograph of Edale in the Peak District was taken by Martin Malies in February 2013. Malies is an amateur photographer  in the sense that he doesn’t make his living from his pictures (he is a retired surveyor) but he has the dedication and approach of a true professional in what he describes as ‘an all consuming hobby’.

The purpose of his landscape photography is different from that of the photographers capturing landscape architects’ work seen on pages 72 to 76 but the approach is similar. ‘It is time and the effort of finding and producing the picture, plus years of experience which have honed my expertise,’ Malies says.

So, unlike the average photographer who will happen to take a picture while they are out, Malies set out deliberately from his home in Manchester to take photographs in the snow. ‘There is a very graphic quality which appealed to me, with a lot of snow and sky. It emphasises the bleakness of the area,’ he said.

There is a pleasingly old fashioned look to a black and white photograph, but of course today all photographs are in colour and the decision to go with black and white is one that is made in Photoshop. This is a reminder that all photography, while trying to capture an inner truth, is essentially artificial. You cannot just photograph ‘what is there’.

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Posted by Naeem Dean - July 15th, 2014
Superb photo and great article Martin...makes you want to there!

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